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What is an Express MIAM?

Express MIAMS are specialized mediation sessions designed to provide quick assistance to families facing urgent disputes or crises. These meetings serve as a crucial step in mediation, offering parties the opportunity to gain clarity on their situation and explore potential avenues for resolution.

Our Express MIAMS mediation service ensure that families in need can access the mediation process and whenever they require them to resolve disputes fast. This quick response is invaluable in situations where issues cannot wait and demand urgent attention.


Are you facing a dispute with your ex partner that can’t wait? Do you need a C100 form urgently? If  you want to attend a MIAM but need a fast track service, our Express MIAMs gives you quick support, ensuring that you can address your concerns promptly and efficiently. Here’s how the assessment meeting will work;

1. Book Now Click the “Book Your Express MIAM Now” button above to schedule your Urgent MIAM appointment or head to our contact details page and Our team will speak to you within a few hours and arrange a time slot that suits your schedule. We can arrange for you to attend a MIAM within 24 hours.

2. Ser up Virtual Appointment Once your fast track MIAMS appointment is confirmed, one of our experienced accredited family mediation team will confirm your meeting time. You will attend MIAM assessment meeting session via Zoom and will last for 60 minutes.

3. Form Release: Following the meeting, we will provide you with the signed Form A (for finances), C100 (for parenting), or both, depending on the situation and your needs. This then allows you or your appointed solicitor to proceed with filing an application to begin court proceedings promptly.  Your mediator will be able to discuss which mediation certificate you will need at your 

4. Additional Forms: In some cases, you may require a form FM1. Your accredited family mediator will advise you if this is necessary and guide you through the necessary steps.

5. Swift Documentation: Within 24 hours of your Fast Track MIAM meeting, you’ll receive the signed relevant forms required for your family court submission, ensuring a minimal delay in your legal proceedings.

6. Inviting the Other Party: We understand the importance of involving all parties in mediation. Therefore, we will reach out to the other party within 24 hours of your session to invite them to participate in mediation, unless there are exceptional circumstances such as domestic abuse.

7. International Coverage: With the access of zoom meetings, our joint MIAM service extends worldwide, allowing you to access Urgent MIAM sessions from anywhere in the world.

8. Validity Period: The Form A or C100 provided to you remains valid for four months from the date of your MIAM or last mediation session, giving you ample time to pursue resolution through mediation or the court system.

9. Minimum Duration To ensure that you and your ex partner receive the full mediation information needed, your MIAM session will last a minimum of 45 minutes, as required by our governing body.

10. Suitable for Urgent Cases: Our Express MIAM service is tailored to handle urgent applications and priority cases with you and your other parent, providing a timely and effective resolution pathway.

11. Simultaneous Court Application: You have the option to proceed with a court application while looking to attempt mediation with the other party, if mediation is deemed suitable for your situation.

Don’t let your family dispute drag on. With  an Urgent MIAM meeting, you can take steps towards resolution without delay. Book your appointment now, complete your contact details and let us guide you through the express mediation process swiftly and efficiently. 


Timely Intervention: Time is often of the essence in family issues that need resolving, and delays can cause tensions and escalate existing conflicts. Express MIAMS allow families to address issues before they spiral out of control.

Reduced Stress: The uncertainty and anxiety surrounding family conflicts can take a toll on all involved parties. By providing access to mediation information, a fast track MIAMS service can help alleviate stress and provide a quick resolution.

Preservation of Relationships: Family disputes can strain relationships and lead to long-lasting rifts. We aim to reduce these risks and resolve disputes by encouraging open communication and mutual understanding, thereby preserving important family bond


1. Initiating Contact: The process begins you or the other party contacting our team. This initial contact can typically be made via phone, email, or online form submission. Find our contact details page page here.

2. Scheduling the Meeting: Upon receiving the request for an Express MIAMS, the mediation service provider works swiftly to schedule a meeting at the earliest convenience of all parties involved. Given the urgent nature of these sessions, priority is given to accommodating time-sensitive situations.

3. Preparation: Before the meeting, participants are encouraged to gather relevant information and reflect on their concerns and objectives. This preparation helps ensure that the joint session is productive and focused on addressing key issues.

4. The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM): The Express MIAMS session typically lasts between one to two hours and is facilitated by a trained family mediator. During the meeting, participants have the opportunity to express their perspectives, identify common ground, and explore potential solutions.

5. Assessment and Next Steps: Following the Express MIAMS, the family mediator assesses the suitability of mediation for the particular situation and discusses potential steps with the participants. This may include scheduling further mediation sessions or exploring alternative dispute resolution options.

6. Follow-Up Support: Even after the Express MIAMS session concludes, participants can access ongoing support from the mediation service provider. This may involve additional mediation sessions, counseling, or referrals to relevant support services.

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